April's Winners

First Place

I still say Doyle could have just left me his bottle-cap collection....


Second Place

Angel: Are you okay?
Cordelia: Of course, I'm holding my head and screaming because it's fun!


Angel: What is it Cordy? Has Timmy fallen down the well?

~Julie the Meadow Lurk

Third Place

Angel: Cordelia, are you getting a headache?
Cordelia: No, I am just trying to receive a telepathic message from the fashion police to see if that white shirt is in violation.

~Jess- the Froggie

Cordelia: "...and you went in, but you weren't invited, but then the sunlight, and the coffee, adn everything else..."
Wesley: "A vision?"
Angel: "No. trying to figure out this show always gives her a headache."

~Louis Thompson

They Appealed To My Ego

Angel: "What's wrong? What did you see?"
Cordelia: "Robyn's latest story, 'Spike the Garden Gnome Slayer'! Owie, my head..."
Wesley: "It *was* quite painful. But the way she portrayed Spike...it gave me a...rather tingly feeling inside."
Angel, Cordelia: "OUT!"


I just can't go on knowing that Robyn will never write any more to Maiden, Mother, Crone or the Slayer's Hunter!


(For the record, Bitca, I have *not* given up on Maiden, Mother, Crone. It has merely been put on an extended hiatus until I can get jazzed about it again. *g* However, I thank you on behalf of the several frantic letters I recieved from people asking if I had really declared MMC to be permanently incomplete. ~Robyn TSH)

Okay.... That Was Just Scary

Wesley: Angel, "here's spit in your eye" is just an expression. You don't have to actually do it...
Angel: HHHHOCK, HHHHHOCK, gimme a sec, I got another one. HHHHHOCK. Mmmmm... Blood phlegm... PTOOOIE!


(Psy_sigh... that was the most disgusting caption in the whole history of the Caption Contest! I love it! ~Robyn TSH)

Wesley: Are you all right?
Angel: What are you seeing?
Cordelia: I'm seeing...noo....more endless weeks of rerun hell...


Honorable Mention

"I... I just can't believe it.... It's not black... It's not white.... Therefore, it's impossible. Yet, it's there! On your back! What the hell is going on here???"


Angel: You tried to think again, didn't you.
Cordelia: Ow....

~Casix Thistlebane

Wesley: "Cordelia, whatever has happened?"
Cordelia: "I had a vision about some guy in a tacky white suit. Oh wait. That's not a vision. That's real."


"Ack! Wesley! Elvis is *dead.* Let's try to keep him that way."

~Jane, the Frog on the Wall

"Please, I'll be good. I'll improve my character. I'll even marry Wesley. Just please don't send me back to Buffy the Vampire Slayer."

~Daniel Vega

Cordelia: Ow! Dust under my contact lens!
Wesley: Ooo, let me have a look.
Angel: ...


Cordelia: "Will they STOP playing Ricky Martin on the radio!? My visions are bad enough without having his music in the background!"
Angel: "I know...he's causing you more pain than the colour of this shirt is to me."
Wesley: "Oh, I don't know. I quite like those leather pants on him...He looks like you from after 'Innocence', Angel."
Angel: "Okay, NOW, you're fired."
Cordelia: "Go take a cold shower, Wesley."
Wesley: "I just had one, thank you."


"Okay, maybe I shouldn't have said 'Happy Thirtyifth Birthday.'

~Daniel Vega

Cordelia: Oh god its awful!
Angel: What is it?
Cordelia: They took a cue from the Willow and Tara and romance and making you and Wesley a couple!
Angel: No that is evil!
Wesley:(drapes his arm around Angel) Hello lover.
Angel: Ahhhhh!


Cordelia: Nobody move! I've lost my contact.



~Daniel Vega

Cordelia: Make it Stop! Make it Stop!
Angel: What is it?
Cordelia: There's a fire raging on Rodeo Drive.
Wesley: Oh Dear!
Angel: A fire? How am I supposed to fight a fire?
Cordelia: What a tragedy! All those poor shoes!

~Phantom Dennis

Angel: Cordelia what do you see?
Cordy: It's Angel, he's, oh no, he's dancing.
Wesley: Good God, No!


Angel: Cordelia what's wrong?
Cordy: (sobbing) It's it's Terrible! It's Horrible! It's a Tragedy!
Westley: What Is Wrong Cordelia?
Cordy: It's Neman Marcus... they're closing! It's just so Inconciderate of them! How can they do this to me?
Angel: Yeah.. 'cause there just aren't enough overpriced clothing stores in this city....
Cordy: Exactly!

~Jeanie TTF Cordelia: Please don't make me...ow!
Angel: Sorry Cordelia it has to be done. (Turns to Wesley)This is all your fault.
Wesley: How was I supposed to know that she would chip her tooth on that jawbreaker.
Cordelia: Ow!
Wesley: (meekly) And have a fear of dentists.


Cordelia: Ow!!! my head! I really need to get this wig put on the correct way instead of glueing it; it's hell to get off.


Wesley: Wow! Cordelia has a slideshow on her face!
Angel: Yeah, I can just make out Bugs Bunny!
Cordelia: Is there too much light on my face? Should I move my hand?
Wesley and Angel: No, thats perfect!

~Evil Willow


~Loo Thompson

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