August's Winners

First Place

Lindsay: Damn stamps... why can't they make them like self adhesive stickers?
{he licks the stamp}
Lindsay: ugh.. ith tase gouthe...AMM!!...
Lilah: tounge stuck again?
Lindsay: Eth... Helph....

~Jeanie TTF

Second Place

Hmmm, I wonder if I remembered to put a comma in front of my introductory clause when I submitted my caption contest entry???

~Joel TPW

"Do you think I'd look good with a beard?"
"No, you'd look like a dork."
"How about little side whiskers right here, at the corners of my mouth?"
"Give it up, Lindsay, you'll always look like twelve-year-old."


Third Place

Mentos. The freshmaker.

~Daniel Vega

"What ever you do, don't think of large, fluffy, pink bunnies flying purple airplanes to the Ride of the Valkaries.... da da da DA da, da da da DA da...."
"Please don't do that while I'm eating..."


Our Theme!

You've been drinking Tequila on the job again.... Why else would you be sucking that lime? I can help, there's a 12 step program I've heard about....


"It wasn't me, it was the one armed man."
"You've only got one arm, and your fingerprints are on the glass...face it Linds, you've got an addiction to girly drinks."
"Damned 'Kids In The Hall'."


Lilah: "You're doing it all backwards! I told you we should have gone with Jello shots."

"So you DON'T remember anything?"
"No, Lilah, I told you...the last thing I can recall was sharing drinks with the guys at Mike's bachelor party and then...this girl..."
"Well, seeing as you were 'out' for 2 weeks, I'll go call Mrs. MacDonald and tell her she's a widow, since I don't think you want to be seen at home after she found 'that girl' at the house waiting in your bed."


Bitter Beer Face!


Lilah: "You're doing it all backwards! I told you we should have gone with Jello shots."


Lilah: Here, drink this.
Lindsey: Sure. Just let me reattach my jaw, and...

~Evil Willow

Appealing to My Ego -- Apparently A New Olympic Sport

"Oh boy...two months ago it was Roswell. This month, it's alcohol and cheap shots on your drinking habits, Lindsay."
"Damn Robyn...I sent her a dartboard with Deadboy's picture in the center, too."


"What to do...WHAT to do...I know. Bring in that Bunny girl, we can use her talents..."
"Not another Slayer, Lindsay, remember the last?"
"Bunny, not Buffy, Lilah...Robyn The Snowshoe Hare. She turned Angel into a cow once, you know?"
"I'm deleting that site out of your Favorites and History folders as soon as this meeting's over."


Lilah: I need another drink.
Lindsay: Why?
Lilah: You know why!
Lindsay: Is it because Robyn hasn't updated her site yet.
Lilah(Starting to cry) yeah and that i think you love Faith more than me.
Lindsay: Now that you mention it...


Honorable Mention

Never get your hand reattached by an evil surgeon. It'll turn on you like th----Augh!


*Lindsey mumbling indistinctly*
"Sorry Linds, we had to wire your jaw shut, or we'd have to keep listening to you singing that stupid Britney Spears song."
*Lindsey starts humming 'Hit Me Baby One More Time'*
"Julie, get me a vocal scraper, a spell for silence, an old priest and a young priest please?"


Fixadent and forget it!


You had to know that when you sit right in front of the speaker at a Kid Rock concert was going to do something to your head.


Now I know why they're called jawbreakers.

~Daniel Vega

Lilah: You got a little chocolate...
Lindsay: Hm? Oh, thanks.


"Watch this, Lilah. If I press here, I can make my dentures click like castanets."
"Eeew, gross! Let me try..."


"Here let me help you with that..."
"Get away from me, Cordelia, you got all old and ugly."
"What are you talking about, Xander? I'm not Cordelia!"
"Hey! I'm not Xander! If you're not Cordelia, then who the hell are we?"
"A better question would be: why would Psy_sigh be dumb enough to write a caption for something he's never seen?"
"He must not get Angel, poor little Canadian bastard..."


"What are you thinking about?"
"My friend Psy_sigh is going on vacation to New York and he wants to know more about the place. Only someone with a heart of stone would not send him info if they had it."
"That's true, we should tell him everything we can, lest that poor tall, tanned, handsome, construction-working Canadian get himself killed by some gun-wielding lunatic."
"Oh, he already knows to stay away from the NYPD."
"Did he give you an e-mail address to get in contact with him?"
"Yes, it's"
"I hope he gets the help he needs, that gorgeous hunk of man-ness."
"Me too."


Can I help you with that Lindsey?

~M. Jade

I mean I know it's tradition, but honestly Lilah... isn't the 'fear of death' thing enough? Do we *have* to eat the flaming toads *every* month?

~Julie TML

See, Lilah, I can still do lots of things one handed.


Those fake fangs aren't fooling anybody.


"I'm sorry, but the way you look at me...hahahahaha."
*sigh*" "Joss, do not put this one in the outtakes."

~Daniel Vega

Mmmm, Doughnuts....

~Casix Thistlebane

"Place food in hand. Place hand in mouth. Remove hand."
*sees that the food is still in his hand*
"I seem to have missed a step."

~Casix Thistlebane

Lilah: Right there.


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