August's Picture

Congratulations to the Winners!

First Place: A. Price

Cordelia: I can't believe you wore black. I told you not to wear black!

Second Place: Erica

Cordelia: Oh my god!! Is my make-up ok? I mean, it needs to be perfect!
Buffy: Cordy, shut up. The giant snake thinks you look fine.

Third Place: Caity

Buffy: Honestly, Cordy, when Angel said we should try chains, I didn't know this is what he meant!

Runners Up:

Submitted by SPRITTLEX

Cordelia: "Are you sure this is better for you than Tai-Bo?!?"
Buffy: "That's what Spike said."

Submitted by Gabe

Buffy: "Oh, my God. It's Xander in a Speedo!"
Cordelia: "Hel-lo! Wrong episode!"
Buffy: "But damn, that's scary!"

Submitted by Laura

Buffy: Oh my god, I can't believe N*Sync and the Backstreet Boysteamed up to do this to us..
Cordelia: It's SOOOOOOOOOO wonderful!!
Buffy: Cordelia, all the girls of the world are going to kill us.
Cordelia: So? It's worth it..
Buffy: No it's not, they're ugly...WHY DID YOUR MAKEUP HAVE TO BE SO PERFECT?
Cordelia: Duh, because I'm Cordelia Chase

Submitted by Tosha Shmel, aka Bumble Bee

Freedom is just a matter of the length of your chain. Every dog knows that.

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