Title: Computer Viruses are Our Friends
Author: Laura formerly SmurfSlayer
Part: 1/1

Disclaimer: As we all know, the lovely and talented Joss Wheddon owns Buffy the Vampire Slayer and all the characters within the story. Steve Case owns AOL, and I'm not taking credit for it, if anything I'm glorifying it. And as for the sn's, they are my imagination..if anyone really has those, then I'm sorry for using them.

Author's Note: Explanation of the screenames...

DeadBoy232 is obviously Angel
WiccaSHS is Willow. Wicca being her practice and SHS being Sunnydale High School
TruGuy4BAS is Xander. His screename standing for True Guy For Buffy Anne Summers


Online Host: *** You are in chat "California - Sunnydale***
Online Host: *** DeadBoy232 has entered ***
DeadBoy232: Good evening all
WiccaSHS: Hey DeadBoy..are you really dead?
TruGuy4BAS: I betchu anything he is..
TruGuy4BAS: But, a dead guy that uses a computer? Not likely..considering dead people have the brains of an osterrich..
WiccaSHS: Tru--come to grips with it will you? BAS is not wanting you..she wants him...
DeadBoy232: You, don't happen to be talking about..nveemrind..that'd be impossible
DeadBoy232: n-e-v-e-r-m-i-n-d, rather..bloody keyboard!


*flip scene to an IM or Instant Message*

WiccaSHS: Do you think..?
TruGuy4BAS: Yeah, I do..
WiccaSHS: I dun think it's likely..
WiccaSHS: brb..I'm going to call Buffy..


*flip to scene of Willow calling Buffy*

Will: Hey Buffy..
Buffy: Yeah, Will? What's wrong?
Will: Last time, you were at Angel's mansion, was there a computer in sight?
Buffy: Actually, there was a new laptop that he bought..
Will: WHAT?!?! WHY?!?!
Buffy: Because of Druscilla..she got a laptop from that hideous monster thing that she married after Spike..
Will: Oh, so the vampires use the computer AND AOL now?
Buffy: I'm afraid so, Will..why's this matter anyway?
Will: I'll explain later..much later..
Will: I'm gonna go..
Buffy: Okay, I've got to go meet Scott at the Bronze..this new band is going to play there...Heaven's Creation or something..Scott's sister is in it..
Will: Have fun! Maybe Oz and I will meet you there later.


*flip back to IM*

WiccaSHS: Shall I pull out my lovely computer virus or do you want to use your proggie?
TruGuy4BAS: Oh God, you mean it is him??
WiccaSHS: Yeah..why didn't we check his profile??
TruGuy4BAS: Dammit! You're always so smart!


With a whizz of keys, Xander and Willow both have this appearing on the lovely screen of America Online on their seperate computers.

Profile for DeadBoy232

Member Name: A.
Location: Sunnydale, CA
Birthdate: Age is just a number.
Marital Status: Forbidden love is the sweetest.
Hobbies: Sleeping, going to the Bronze, protecting my love, not being happy.
Computers: Laptop.
Occupation: If I told the truth, you'd think I was insane (like Dru.)
Personal Quote: "Things don't change, people change."--Unknown


*flip to IM*

WiccaSHS: I'm going to pull up my virus
TruGuy4BAS: Okay, Will


Will goes into her "C" drive and pulls up her version of a virus. It is in reality, a spell she created with Miss Calendar's files for the computer. She named it "Jenny" in memory of Miss Calendar's love for computers and Wiccan skills. Basically, what the virus will do, is "eat" all the RAM and all the KB's,MB's,and GB's of the computer.

Will accessed the virus and send a fully loaded IM to DeadBoy232.


*flip to new IM*

***Jenny O---<---< is currently deleting the RAM of your laptop***
DeadBoy232: What the f...
***Jenny O---<----< is currently deleting all BYTE of your computer***
WiccaSHS: Dead, yet?
DeadBoy232 is currently not signed on.
***Jenny O--->----< HURRAH! I'm done fucking up the computer of the evil one.


*flip to IM of TruGuy4BAS and WiccaSHS*

WiccaSHS: Tada!
TruGuy4BAS: Alright, Will
WiccaSHS: You already knew I didn't like him..what'd this do? prove that I didn't?
TruGuy4BAS: Why don't you?
WiccaSHS: Mainly because his killings are always during full moon and Oz gets blamed for them..and there was always..nevermind
TruGuy4BAS: There was always what??
WiccaSHS: I'm going to the Bronze. Later.


Xander is now in a world of "Always was what?" There were zillions of things..he was left to ponder and wonder all night long.