Author's Thanks: I'd like to thank TJ for his wonderful contributions, Violater and Windrider for their excellent ideas, and everyone else for their fantastic feedback and suggestions.


Realising as the characters closed in that it was every man, woman, child, rodent, or invalid for themselves, everyone made a break for it at once. While most were knocked down or stopped, a few brave souls managed to reach freedom.

Backhanding Xander and Giles out of her way, Anya dashed out the left side-door, with Biohaz and MeK close behind her.

Joel fled out the right side-door, with Cordelia in hot pursuit. "You can't run forever!" she raged, "Once I get my car, I'll catch up to you and run you down!"

Several people wondered why Cordelia was so bent out of shape over Joel, but the writer couldn't tell them, as she had been gagged. The characters set about restraining the fanficers, using some chains that Oz had found in his hall closet. Things were going along rather well (for the characters, at least, the writers weren't having such a great time) when Xander suddenly stopped.

"Hey," he said, pointing at TJ, "aren't you one of the frat guys I saw at that party?" TJ began to desperately shake his head, but Xander was nodding.

"You were the guy shotgunning beer out of a plastic lawn flamingo!"

All heads turned towards TJ, and Jeanie looked like she was about to comment, but Angelus cut her off.

His tone was light, as he said: "He also wrote a delightful little story where a full moon was shining, and both Willow and Oz were running about in werewolf forms." he paused for a moment,and when he started speaking again, his voice had gained a hard edge. "While Willow was busy eating bunnies, I believe you had Oz rip my face off."

Angelus grabbed TJ by the throat. He had a score to settle with this author. But before he could rip the said author into tiny pieces, he was floored by a fist in his face. A rather small fist.

Angelus looked up in amazement. Willow stood over him with a scowl on her face.

-Oh, crap- Angelus thought, -Fine time to find out that I've never seen Willow actually pissed off before. Scary.-

"Sorry, Angelus," Willow said, her voice eerily cold, "You'll just have to wait until *I'm* finished with this one. If I leave anything, that is."

Willow turned to TJ, who was now cowering on the ground at her feet.

"I thought I told you -- *no bunnies*!!" She glared menacingly at the author for a moment, then turned to the huddled fanficers. "Could we get someone to write a full moon story? I want to have some *fun*."

A few of the fanficers started to hesitantly raise their hands, but they were interrupted by Buffy.

"Wait a second, Will," Buffy said, stepping forward, "You know he changed that. But *we* both have another score to settle with this guy. He is one *sick* puppy."

Angelus started to back away from the confrontation. He'd been killed off in any number of fics since Surprise/Innocence had aired, so several of the writers would serve as excellent snacks. But the dark, vengeful wrath descending over Buffy and Willow as they glared at the author at their feet indicated that he'd done something even worse to them at some point. And Angelus wasn't sure he wanted to know what it was that this guy had done for Buffy to call him a 'sick puppy'.

"Other score?" Willow asked.

"Uh, huh," Buffy confirmed, "I'm surprised you didn't recognise the name. This is that guy."

"That guy? You mean the unfinished fic that never got posted?"


"That was *YOU*?" Willow snarled at TJ.

The authors cringed at the venom in Willow's voice, and so did several of her friends, for that matter. She hadn't reacted this strongly to authors who'd killed her off or made her a vampire. What had this shmuck done?

Xander couldn't contain his curiosity.

"What'd he do?"

Willow whirled, a blazing fury shining in her face.

"This....this.....this *person* started to write a Willow/Buffy *SLASH* fanfic!!!"

"And it's still on his hard drive." Buffy added coldly.

A shocked gasp rose from the crowd. They watched, shaking their heads sadly as Buffy and Willow dragged the soon to be *late* TJ Thwaites off to some dark place. No one expected to see either Willow or Buffy returning soon, the two of them would undoubtably want to take some time with this guy.

While everyone was still reeling from this skeleton in the closet, Violater bolted for the door. With a grin, Angelus took off after him.

This left Giles, Oz, Xander, Drusilla, and the two minor vamps to guard the remaining fanficers. After a few minutes, Drusilla began walking around and raving a bit, seriously worrying everyone left in the Bronze. After a while, she stopped by Windrider.

"Would you take me to see the birds?" She asked. Windrider, not really wanting to upset an unstable vampiress, and also wanting to get as far away from Jeanie as possible, nodded. Linking her arm with him, Dru happily lead the way to the park.

The others watched as the two left, and wondered what was happening to those who had fled, and also what would happen to them.

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