Disclaimer: I own zilch. Joss owns Buffy and Co. and the brave fanfic writers who appear in this piece of fluff own themselves, and participated under their own free will.

Dedication: This is dedicated to the Peanut Gallery. Ladies, Lads, I couldn't have done this without your flood of suggestions, critiques, and encouragement. Thanks.


Author's Note: This is just a cast of characters for people who don't prowl the Posting Board in all their spare moments. While Joss and Co. own Buffy and all her pals and foes, all of the people listed below own themselves. They are wonderful (and brave) people who decided to lend a hand to a rather pitiful bunny who came 'a beggin'. These characters are not listed in any particular order. But they all appear in my fluff project, and have all at one time succumbed to the siren song of the Posting Board.

* * *

Anya: the Archive Mistress, and also the Fanfic Goddess

Biohaz: the Board Lord, the High Priest of the Cult of Anya, also known as Alex

Kirbyclause: Fanfic Writer and Board Lurker extrordinaire; owner of the biggest ego on the Board

Violater: Fanfic Writer supreme and Board Lurker; arch nemesis of Kirbyclause

TJ Thwaites: Fanfic Writer and Board Lurker; frat guy; the Dyslexic Ferret

MeK: Fanfic Writer and Board Follower

Joel: Fanfic Writer and Board Lurker; the Peppermint Whale

John Jones: Fanfic Writer and Board Lurker; the Flatulent Skunk

Mediancat: Fanfic Writer and Board Lurker; Starter of the now infamous 'Breathing' thread

Stone Cold: Fanfic Writer and Board Follower; holder of a grudge against Kirbyclause and those mice of his; die-hard Buffy/Xander promoter

Jeanie: Fanfic Writer and Board Lurker; the Tortoise-Fly; starter of that increadible run-on thread 'Kendra'

Windrider: Fanfic Writer and Thread Lurker; the Lurking Muskrat; Jeanie's punching bag

the writer: also known as Robyn; the Snowshoe Hare; Worst Fanfic Writer this side of the Hellmouth; and Die-Hard Board Lurker

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