Title: Cows
Author: Dace
E-mail: dace@akamail.com
Disclaimer: This poem is the sole property of Dace, and can only be reprinted with his permission.


The cow are restless tonight
Though the moon is but a sliver it's enough to scare the sun
And wandering madmen topple over narrow roads
Connecting hills and villages
And hey hear the incessant mooing
Like a warning
And they understand
But they don't listen
They never do
They are simple creatures
Simple pleasures
Piercing foggy worlds of grounded phobias
Anxiously awaiting their mass graves
In houses of slaughter
And quaint neighborhood delicatessens
But they, now, howl
To passing travelers
Or wandering madmen
Or anyone that will listen
Desperate to communicate
That which they themselves cannot understand
Desperate to be lead
From their meat hook realities

The cows are restless tonight
But there are bigger things
On madmen's minds