Yet another ground-breaking meeting of the Dust-Deadboy Brigadiers. Presided over by Robyn the Snowshoe Hare

It occured to me recently that one thing that our club has been lacking is a mascot.


Yes, Jai, I was drinking Sprite when I came up with this. How did you know?

Well, nevermind. The point is that I think that it should be a group decision as to what mascot we choose. And since there are so many animals out there who are looking for a good home, I've decided that we should adopt our mascot.

I know the perfect place. It's called the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Vampire Animals.

Um, yes, Bishop? You have a question?

No, I hadn't really thought that it would be against our basic tenents. I mean, most clubs do have mascots-

Oh, the vampire thing. Well, according to the Shelter Manager, what happened is that Drusilla is not really someone who should be caring for animals.

Okay, Drew, I realize that I stated the obvious just a bit with that last statement, but we really do need to get through this meeting before the fall premieres. Smart-assed comments are not helping this.

I know it's in your job description. I was just saying - never mind.

Anyway, the fact of the matter is that Drusilla started turning housepets into vampire animals. The critters started making more of themselves, and the SPCVA was formed. It is a rescue society and an adoption organization.

Thanks for joining us, Gabe. Why are you always ten minutes late to these meetings?

Very funny. If you're unclear about anything that we probably already covered, just ask Gina 0.1.2

Good question, Erika! According to the volunteer I talked to, we'll need to provide our mascot a homepage to live on, small mammals to drain daily, keep them away from sharp sticks and protect them from sunlight. Which means that we'll all have to be more careful about where we put our stakes.

No, LaVelle, that *wasn't* directed at you.

Yes, Charity?

What was that? Shouls?

Oh, souls. That's a good question, and the answer is: no. Our furry friend will *not* have a soul. But as Steph can no doubt attest, sometimes a vampire without a soul can be a lot more fun. This way, we won't have to deal with our mascot spending 24/7 in a brooding fit.

No, Laura, we won't have to housebreak it. It's a vampire-animal - they don't mess up the carpets.

Can you speak a little louder, Ashley? Thanks.

Yes, since this *is* a vampire, whatever mascot we adopt will not age. They'll be young and fluffy forever. And unlike Angel, that's a plus.

Sorry, Ducks.

We shouldn't have too much of a problem from that area, Noodles, but the volunteer did recommend that we keep our mascot away from unfamiliar people.

Because she said that they have a tendency to eat unfamiliar people.

Okay, since Stone Cold is gesturing at his watch, I'll try and wrap this up quickly.

Every member gets one vote on what type of mascot we'll get, and we're going to worry about the name later, after we've been approved. So just fill in the appropriate bubble and hit the 'send', okay?