December Caption Contest Winners

First Place

Buffy: Man, this stuff goes right through you doesn't it?

~Julie the Meadow Lurk

Ick! This whole operation is gross enough without you blowing bubbles.

~Unknown (if you sent this in, please e-mail me)

Second Place

"Alright, now I 'ave to use the loo."
"Spike, you are in the bathroom."
"You don't expect me to go in the bloody tub, now do you?!"
"Giles, I'll feed him, but there's no way in hell I'm potty training him."


Sorry, Spike. They were all out of Executive Evil Genius O positive. We got you the next level down though! See, it even comes with a certified screen label!


Third Place

Buffy: *through clenched teeth to Giles* NOW what?
Giles: Now you put the straw in his mouth.
Buffy: Ewwww! I have to touch him?
Giles: *long-suffering sigh* Yes. You have to touch him. And Spike, stop slurping. It's bloody disgusting.


Um, Spike, you've got a little bit of...small animal in your teeth.

~Jane the Frog on the Wall

Captions that Appealed to My Ego

Buffy: Figures. Not only does Robin get the month wrong, she also has to use a picture of me spoon feeding Spike.
Spike: It's a straw, luv.


Honorable Mention

Buffy: "This is beyond gross. . ."
Spike: "Oh, knock it off. I need my morning wake-up cup."
Buffy: "Spike, I don't think instant coffee was meant to be brewed with blood. Nasty."
Spike: "Hey! Don't knock the Taster's Choice."


Campbells creamy blood soup: we take the finest necks and drain them when their ripe if it's not 98.6 degrees is just not Campbells

~Joel the Peppermint Whale

Buffy: You know, I never would have guessed it.
Spike: Different vampires have different tastes.
Giles: But tomato juice?
Spike: Haven't you ever seen 'Duckula'?

~Casix Thistlebane

Buffy: I'm sorry, Spike. We don't have any of those little marshamallows.


Buffy: Oh God... Spike, I just realized, that's--
Spike: Ugh! This tastes like shit.
Buffy: It is shit...
Spike: (nods slightly) Rather nutty.


Buffy: Where'd you get the blood?
Giles: Wesley
Buffy: Wesley willingly gave his blood?
Giles: *evil grin* No.
Buffy: oh . . . . OH!

~Joel the Peppermint Whale

Buffy: UGH! You actually drank that?!
Spike: Well, it was a bit odd tasting - even for rats blood - but I need my nourishment somehow don't I?
Giles: I don't suppose it crossed your mind that the rat was dead for a reason?
Spike: A reason?
Giles: Yes, uhh rat poison... I put some out to take care of the vermon...
Buffy: UGH! Gross!
Spike: Well that would explain the tingly feeling in my tummy as I look at Buffy... and here I thought it was a love spell.

~Jeanie the Tortoise-Fly

Come to Sunnydale for your regular blood change: every three months of three thousand miles ... courtesy of Slayer Inc.

~Randolph Carter

Buffy: Ugh! I think I knew this guy


Buffy: "So Giles, where on earth did you manage to find a mug that said 'Joss'?"
Giles: "Hm? oh, well, I rather like to have the food labeled...."

~Loo Thomas