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The pictures have all been filed into their various wings, so just follow the map to get to the area that you want to go. Clicking on the thumbnail will offer you a larger view of the picture in question. Feel free to use any pictures that you like!

Buffy Anne Summers
~Updated 5/01/01~

Dawn Summers
~Updated 5/01/01~

Rupert 'Ripper' Giles
~Updated 5/01/01~

Alexander 'Xander' Harris
~Updated 5/01/01~

Willow Rosenberg
~Updated 5/01/01~

Cordelia 'Cordy' Chase

Daniel 'Oz' Osbourne


Alan Francis Doyle

William 'Spike' the Bloody
~Updated 4/29/01~

Riley Finn
~Updated 5/01/01~


Wesley Winden-Price

~Updated 5/01/01~



Group Shots
~Updated 5/01/01~

Monster of the Week
~Updated 5/01/01~

~Updated 5/01/01~

Residents of Sunnydale
~Updated 5/01/01~

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