Title: The Game of Six
Author: Casix Thistlebane
Disclaimer: None of the characters are mine, but for once, the situation is.
Summary: A poet, a warrior, a teacher, a sophomore, a witch, and a naughty monk. This is the game of six.
Rating: PG-ish
Spoilers: nadda

Author's Note: this is very, very much an Elseworlds story. (A story in which the characters of the series are placed in a completely different situation than the one that they're originally in in the series. Er. Right.)
feedback: it's good for the soul. just don't give me heartburn.

The Game of Six
part 4: another night in jail?

"You've got real talent, did you know that?"

"Oh shut up." Harris was staring solemnly at the floor of his new cell. His hands were chained securely to the wall and immobilized with a variation of your average knight's gauntlet, which held his fingers rigidly in place. "You're the one who just ‘happened' to have a few feet of extra chain on you."

And so I had. It was what kept me from be stuck back in the cellar of that church every month. At least they were coming to good use. Three feet of it was wrapped tightly around Harris' legs, holding them to the legs of the chair in which he was rather uncomfortably seated. The other four feet were wrapped alternately around his mid-section and the back of the chair, forcing his back into an awkward arching position that couldn't have been good for him. Over all, it a rather sadistic yet strangely amusing picture.

Harris sighed, and somehow managed to tilt the chair back. "At least they didn't send me back to prison." He shuddered. "That would have been bad. And hey, we got into their group!"

"Correction," I informed him, as he leaned further and further back in his chair. "*I* got into their group. They need me for news and reconnaissance purposes. You got into house arrest."

Harris, having leaned back too far, gave out a shout and fell over backwards until he was hanging by his wrists. He whimpered slightly, and began desperately pulling himself back up. I pulled carefully on the front legs of his chair until he was once again upright.

"Ah!" He said after an aborted and futile attempt to get more comfortable. "But I'm in their room. Right where Dame Buffy will be changing . That's a plus."

I just raised my eyebrow at him. "What were you doing in here anyway?"

"That, my good man, is a trade secret."

"Right." I shook my head and stepped back, as Buffy herself reentered the room. She strode purposefully over to where Harris was bound, and after a quick look over him, pulled out a large piece of black cloth.

"This ought to teach you to go through my luggage," She muttered, and blind folded him.

"Hey! That's not fair!" He frowned at the place in the room where he seemed to think she was. "This is cruel and unusual punishment here!"

Buffy shrugged. "It's the dark ages. Go fig."

"But--!" Harris was cut off as Buffy pulled out another piece of cloth and gagged him. She then turned to me, ignoring his muffled protests.

"You know this underwear thief?"



"You don't want to know." I replied. "He just sort of follows me around, mostly."

"Ah." Buffy replied. Giles appeared from the room adjacent to the one we were in.

"Buffy! You should be out on--what on earth?"

"I caught him going through our stuff."

"So you felt the need to chain him to the wall, blind fold him, and gag him?"

"Yeah." She said, obviously not seeing the problem. "I'm not going to leave him there, I just wanted to teach him a lesson."

"I see." Giles gave his ward a look, then turned back to me. "We'll meet you downstairs in the tavern tomorrow for breakfast. In the mean time, I suggest you get yourself some rest. Traveling on the road is not conducive to good sleeping habits."

"I'm a bard, sir." I told him. "I know that." I gave the struggling Harris a look, then shrugged. "Till tomorrow then!"

With that I took my leave, only to hear Harris start yelling at me through his gag. Served him right, I suppose. Every good thief knows that you never, EVER go through a lady knight's things.

Next Part Coming Soon!

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