January's Winners

First Place

Anya: My God, they finally did it...
Xander: Whoa. They finally pulled the stick out of Giles' ass... and here it is.

~Julie the Meadow Lurk

Second Place

Anya: Xander, what is it?
Xander: I'm not sure... but I think it's Joss dancing...
Anya: You call that dancing?
Xander: well, no... but he seems to think it is.

~Jeanie TTF

Third Place

Anya: Oh, Xander, I am so sorry.
Xander: Anya, I just saw a Hostess truck go up in flames...I don't think I have ever seen something so disheartening.


Anya: Well, I knew Buffy was limber, but I don't ever think I've seen *that* position before.
Xander: Ouch, Buff! Don't you think you could have found an easier way to open the pickles?


God, I guess Spike really took Giles seriously when he dared him to lick him to death.


Captions That Appealed to My Ego

Anya: "Nononono..... Not again!"
Xander: "Yes, again.... Robyn won Best Representation of Angel!"


Captions That Included Bunnies....'Nuff Said

Anya: "Xander! What the *hell* did you buy at that pet shop!?"
Xander: "I thought they called it the Bunny of Caerbonnog as a gimic, I didn't know it was the real thing!... And, look at the bright side. It only bit off Parker's head, so there was no loss."

~No Name, No Forwarding Address

Anya: "That's why I hate bunnies."
Xander: "Good Joss, THEY'RE EVERYWHERE."

~Daniel Vega

Runners Up

Anya: Xander! I thought we were going to have some alone time... what's *HE* doing here?
Xander: Uhh... ummm... I honestly don't know... SPIKE! I thought we'd established that a red sock on the door meant DO NOT ENTER!

Xander: I'm pretty happy that Giles has found someone to love, but I could do without seeing it expressed this way.


Anya: Oh. My. God.
Xander: Gee. And people say *I* can't dance.


Anya: What is it?
Xander:I have no idea... wait a minute, yes I do... isn't that Larry? and... Percy!?
Anya: EEWwww!
Xander: Quick, hide me!

~Jeanie TTF

Xander: What is she doing?
Anya: I think she's making the dingoes do Riverdance.


Xander: I've never seen anything so horrifying.
Anya: I've been cruel to men, but I've never-
Xander: Spike's tongue is in Parker's MOUTH!


Anya: Now don't tell me that *this* is some strange human custom that I have to adhere to.
Xander: No. No, it isn't. (out of the side of his mouth) Giles, put the poker *down*, I'm sure Willow didn't *mean* to turn you into a chihuahua. Besides, there are impressionable youth around! Like Anya!


oh my god!!! spike and buffy are doing it!!!!!! AHHHHHHHH!!!


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