July's Winners

First Place

Psst. Forrest loaded Donkey Kong onto the tracking units. Pass it on.

Second Place

"Look, Riley, all I'm saying is that if you wanna keep us a secret from Buffy, putting that Rainbow Poster above your wall may not be the best of ideas...."

Riley: You're crazy!
Graham: I'm telling you, man; one emphatic headbutt from me and this deadly hairstyle will blind any demon at twenty paces.

Third Place

"So, Riley, what are we doing tommorrow night?"
"Same thing we do every night Graham, TRY TO TAKE OVER WORLD."

Graham: Dude, get your hand off my leg. Everyone's gonna think we're dating or something.
Riley: Hey, don't ask, don't tell.
~Evil Willow

Fourth Place

I'm just *really* glad no one will be able to make any Roswell jokes this month...

Graham: No, I never wonder why we capture all of these HSTs for containment, study, and experimentation instead of just killing them. Why do you ask?


What did I tell you? Trying to make an evil Xander Harris clone isn't a good idea...there's already one and his name's Parker Abrahms.

Angel: Why is everyone stealing my look!!!!!!!

Riley: You just shook your head! That doesn't make you happy?
Graham: My brains, his steel and your strength against sixty men and you think a little head jiggle is supposed to make me happy? Hmm??
Riley: *shrugs* always works for me....
~Julie TML

They Appealed To My Ego

Riley: So is it all set for friday...
Graham: All are on a need to know basis, the giant Carrot cake and Sprite fountain will be there on schedule... and the Oreo platters are being constructed now. Everything will go as planned.
Riley: So Robyn hasn't gotten wind of the plan?
Graham: Yes, and All precautions have been taken to keep it that way. This year Robyn is going to have one huge birthday suprise.
~Jeanie TTF

Graham: Lately i've been having these dreams.
Riley: Well what kind of dreams?
Graham: I'm just sitting on my bed saying can't sleep, bunnies will eat me.
Riley: Do you think that a demon is doing this to you?
Graham: No I think it is that chick Robyn with that bunny site.
Riley: Yikes!

Graham: Riley? Are they serious? Using animals in screen names?
Riley: Yeah. Robyn the Snowshoe Hare and Saber Shadow Kitten are giving the seminar.
Graham: I hope Robyn's name is an implication of other things.

Graham: She can't be serious. We are *not* hunting a giant rabbit.
Riley: I heard they can be really dangerous.

Graham: So have you heard of this bunny chick?
Riley: No. What did she write about us?
Graham: Well, there's this hilarias one about you and Buffy doing the laundry together and there is the classic where she turned Angel into a cow.
Riley: Sounds like my kind of girl.
~M. Jade

Graham: Oh my God...
Riley: What?
Graham: Man, we totally forgot Robyn TSH's birthday.
Riley: Ohhh man.
Graham: At least the bunny kills quickly.
Riley: (sniff) I'm gonna miss Buffy...
Graham: I'm gonna miss her, too...
Riley: HEY!
Graham: What if we shower her with praise and compliments about how soft her hair is and how's she's twice as hot as Faith?
Riley: With or without leather. Yeah! That'll win Psy_sigh the caption contest for sure! I mean...

Graham: So how long will Robyn have us standing here THIS month, Rye?
Riley: I suppose as long as she can stand to look at our faces.
Graham: (groan) We'll be stuck in caption limbo foever, dude.
~M. Jade

Graham: Do you think Robyn would take requests, Rye?
Riley: Why? What would yours be?
Graham: I'd like more than just some bit part, but Joss isn't talking. You think Robyn would be more easy to talk to?
Riley: Not sure, bro. I'm still trying to talk her into changing "The Slayer Bride" and making me the hero.
Graham: You just want to be able to kick Angelus's ass in the end.
Riley: Well, yeah, but there's also that line about Buffy's perfect breasts that's coming up, and only the hero gets that one.
~M. Jade

Honorable Mention

"Riley, may I remind you that I have friends who have no regard for the sanctity of human life. I say the word and I'll have your head, in a bag, in my dorm tommorow morning."
"Geez, I'm just asking for a pencil."
~Daniel Vega

Graham: ...I said: "Have you danced with the Slayer in the pale moon light"
Riley: You're changing the message on purpose again, aren't you.
Graham: Oh just pass it on already!
~Casix Thistlebane

"So... Riley. Is it, er, really true what they say about Slayers and superhuman stamina?"
~Intentionally Obscure Author

Hey Riley, do you think you and Buffy might be able to keep it down to a dull roar tonight? Some of us need to sleep...

"Hey, honey."
"I told you never to call me that in public."

Graham: ...And I thought we'd faced all the strange, evil creatures Sunnydale had to offer.
Riley: There are hundreds of them....
Graham: That's it, that's the last time I work as a camp couselor over the summer!
~Casix Thistlebane

Hmm, this color really does make us look like evil olives.
~ProphecyGirl Graham:How many men does it take to open a beer?
Riley: I dunno...
Graham: None, it should be open by the time she brings it to you...
Riley: (chuckle) Why do men die before their wives?
Graham: Hmmm?
Riley: They want to...

Do you ever get that not-so-fresh feeling?

Graham: So when are you going to hook me up with Willow?
Riley: That'll be a problem... she already has a girlfriend...
Graham: Oh my god, she just got acheived infinite hotness... are you thinking what I'm thinking?
Riley:Mmmmmm. Willow sandwich...

So is the kegger still on for tonight, Riley?
~M. Jade

"Did I ever tell you, you look REALLY hot in green?"
~Loo Thompson

Get your hand off my butt NOW!!!

Graham: Dude, you're on my foot...

Psst. Dude. Do you think this color looks right with my complexion?

Graham: Did you know that Walsh was taping you when you were with Buffy?
Riley: Damnit!
Graham: Why do you say that?
Riley: I was hoping that she would NEVER find out about that. she is going to dump me now!
Graham: Huh? What? Huh?
Riley: How else do you think that i got to this position in the military Graham?
Graham: Hard work?
Riley: Hard something else but not work.
Graham: Huh?.....OH i get it. EEW!!!

You know from this angle you can see the answers reflect off Forrest's bald head.
~Daniel Vega

"Dude, you should be tied to a tree and fed exlax!"
"I'd $#*^!"
"You'd die!"
"Then who'd deliver the mail?"
"I'd deliver the mail."
"Through the woods?"
"Yeah through the woods!"
"What about the lion?"
"@%*# the lion."
"You'd @%*# the lion?"
"I'd @%*# the lion's mother."
"You lion-mother-@%*#er. You should be tied to a tree and fed exlax!"

"This is a stake."
"A what?"
"A stake!"
"A what?"
"A stake!"
"Oh! A stake!"
~Casix Thistlebane

Um, Graham? That's NOT my leg.
~Casix Thistlebane

Graham: Psst! Forrest's place, 11:00 clock, and bring the cottage cheese, bubble wrap, and chains. And don't forget your copy of The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Pass it on.

Graham: So, are you and Buffy up for a threesome again tonight?
Riley: Yeah, but it's your turn to bring the handcuffs.

Psst! Maggie Walsh is a fat head! Pass it on!

Graham: What the hell is wrong with Jonathan?
Riley: I don't know. but letting Faith do his make-up is ruining his image.
Graham: And that dress, it is so passe!

Graham:(sounds drunk)Wait, Did you just call me a wussy?
Riley: Graham, why on earth or any other planet are you reading the script to the episode 'Blind Date' for Roswell?
Graham: I dunno! Damnit Joss! I was NEVER told bout the crossover with Roswell.
(Max is walking into the picture)
Max: Yo, Director guy, what's up with the set????

I know, but is it as big as Angel's?

Riley: Told you mine was bigger...

Riley, it's time you learned about deoderant...

So, babe, what are you doing Saturday night?

Graham: Rye, i think it's my duty to tell you something about Buffy.
Riley: What?
Graham: She won't shut up about Joshua Jackson being sexy in a wifebeater!
Riley: (Pouting) But she told ME I was the ONLY one who looked sexy!
Angel: (walking into picture) Hey! Only I can look sexy in a wife beater!

"Uh...huh...huh. I'm gonna score with Buffy."
"Uh..yeah. I'm gonna score too."
"Damn it Graham. Doing it with yourself doesn't count."
~Daniel Vega

Hey, baby, wanna wrestle?

Graham: I triple-dog-dare you.
Riley: Well, if you put it THAT way....
~Casix Thistlebane

Rye...i have the WORST WEDGIE!!!!!

Graham:(humming we are family)
Riley: i told before Graham, Jonathon is my brother but u arent my HUSBAND!

Graham:"Rye, I've been meaning to ask you about Faith"
Riley:"I don't know much except..."
Graham:"What, What Except What?"
Riley:"She REALLY kicked ass in bed."
Graham:"Do you know where she is?"
Riley:"Yeah. I put a tracking device on her."
Riley:"Why do you say that?"
Graham:"'Cause I am single and I have been waiting for someone like her."

Hey Rye, Smile your on candid camera!

Graham: Rye, Did i ever tell u that i...i..love u?
Riley: Yes, u did! Now stop before anyone actually hears that!
Graham: they have a right to know that i love you!
Riley: No, i don't think that they WANT to know Graham!

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