June's Caption Winners
(our one year anniversary!!)

First Place

Buffy: Oh god... i can't help it.... i have to say it.... do you ever get that 'not so fresh' feeling?
~Julie TML

Second Place

[Slayerus Attractivus]

*meep meep*
~Intentionally Obscure Author

Third Place

Angel: Buffy, you look pensive. That's *my* look. Joss! She's stealing my look!

Sheesh, I guess Broodiness really *is* the newest STD.

The Roswell Award

Okay...there's some weird shimmering symbol thing and a freaky guy with cheese...aliens!? How the hell did I wind up in Roswell, New Mexico?? The WB is gonna pay for not alerting me of another crossover...

What is this? No one told me that there was a crossover with Roswell!

Buffy: Must.... make.... desert joke.... without.... reference to.... Roswell.... or Road Runner!

Wrong crossover. It was "Charmed" that said "Where's Buffy when you need her", not "Roswell".

"Gee, I wonder how many Roswell jokes we'll get out of *this* scene...."

They Appealed To My Ego Or Mentioned My Procrastination

Why am I celebrating Robyn's web site's one year anniversary in Arizona?
~Joel TPW

Why am I here? What's the meaning of life? And why did it take Robyn almost two weeks to update?

"Me in a desert. I think Joss has finally cracked after reading one too many of the Bunny Girl's fics. Now all he needs is the vampiric cow and we are in business!"
~M. Jade

Okay, hurry up and get this dream over with...Robyn actually updated!!

Is that...a giant rabbit???

Buffy: Oh my god?! Is that a giant rabbit?!?!
Tara(walking into picture): Jesus christ! it is!!
Buffy: It's saying it's name it...
Tara: Robyn!
Buffy: Damn fanfiction writers! Always needing Bunnies!
Tara: I blame Joss...

Buffy: "Hey... Is that Yogurt, with the schuartz?"
Big-Booming Voice From Seemingly No Where: "No! It is Robyn with the Powers That Be! We got a new update up, isn't that positively lovely???"

Honorable Mention

Well Oz, it looks like we're not in "Buffy the Vampire" Slayer anymore.
~Daniel Vega

The Bangals: "All the vamps in the town say way oh, way oh, way oh, way oh. Walk like a Slayer..."
~M. Jade

"Let's see, bright sun, sand, no vamps, and....Will Smith dragging an alien in a parachute? What the..."

If I walk sloooowly, maybe they won't notice I'm not wearing a bra...

Let's see, trees, sand, rocks, brush, strange-cave-slayer.... I thought we told Joss to lay off the crack!
~Loo Thompson

"Ouch. With what that Coyote spends on Acme, he could buy himself tons of Roadrunner Burgers."
~Daniel Vega

I knew I should have made that left at Albuquerque.
~Daniel Vega

"God dammit! There has to be a happyburger around here somewhere!" (Oh wait, that's South Park)...

Where is Selma Blair with a Long Island Ice Tea when you need 'em?

"Now where's that primal evil Giles was singing about?"
~M. Jade

Buffy (all wide eyes and pre-Slayage-era ditzy smile): You mean taking a long trek through the desert wearing a long dress with no food and no water and no tent is a *bad* idea?


"All we need to do to find this Cave Slayer is look for the water - after all, she lives in a desert but her face is covered with mud, right?"
~Intentionally Obscure Author

I wonder if I stand here long enough, if the sun will bleach my roots...

I know I parked around here somewhere...

"I don't get it. Willow goes back to high school, Xander becomes a soldier, Giles gets a musical number, an all I get is a desert."

Singing: "I'm walkin' on sunshine, and it's really starting to hurt, ow! Oh damn it..."

Buffy suddenly wishes she had listened to her mom when she told her to put on sun-tan lotion.

"Does this dress make my thighs look big?"

"Uh-oh, the horizon is tilting again! Maybe it's sunstroke. Hmmm..."
~Evil Willow

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