March's Caption Winners

First Place

Operation: Fun for the whole family!


Second Place

Spike: "..and the thing I really hated most about our relationship was the way Dru always took Angelus's side over mine. If I attracted to much attention by killing a bunch of people, who got the blame? Me. If I launched a unprovoked jealously motivated fight against Angelus, somehow it always ended up being my fault..."
Giles: "Spike, I'm not your therapist, so please...."
Xander: "No way, this is getting good. Do go on."

~Daniel Vega

"Damn it Spike, I'm a Watcher, not a Doctor."

~Daniel Vega

Third Place

Xander: "You do realize people are going to make endless tattoo jokes about this scene now...."


Question: What's the quickest way to a vampire's heart?
Answer: Through his back!

~Joel TPW

They Appealed To My Ego

Anya: Personally I feel this is wrong.
Xander: It's not wrong. It's just a prank.
Giles: I must agree with Anya, Xander. Tatooing Spike with 'I love Robyn the Snowshoe Hare's Buffy and Angel fan fiction' is purely sadistic.
Anya: At least Willow's anit-guilt spell will keep us from feeling bad about it.

~K. Balsinger

A Tattoo here, A Tattoo There

"Drusilla and Spike - love bunnies forever"? Honestly! What kind of a tattoo is that?


*One evening, at the fabulous ladies night club...*
Xander: I'm sorry, Spike, you can't go out on stage when you're drunk. I don't care what kind of tatoo Giles gives you.

~Louis Thompson

Whoa! You never told me Giles did amateur tattoos.

~Jane the Frog on the Wall

Anya: What is that little tattoo of?
Xander: I don't know. Shine that light a little higher.
Giles: NO!!!! It's Angel naked!
Willow: Can we hurry this up? This rock is getting kind of heavy.
Xander: Instead of doing this tatto-removal spell, why don't we just throw it at him?
Spike: Hey!

~Evil Willow

Spike: Will this hurt much?
Giles: Trust me, Spike I'm an expert on tattoos.
Spike: Like that Eyghon tattoo you have?
Giles: Err, Yes.
Spike: Cool. Fix me up with one of those. After all if that wuss Angelus can kill one of those Demons, think what I Can do to it.

~Phantom Dennis

Honorable Mention

Giles: Okay, Willow, you guard the exit here, and Xander and Anya, you take the front.
Xander: Wait, tell me again, why are we drawing this out on Spike's back?
Giles: We ran out of chalk.

~Joel TPW

"There's no doubt about it Spike... that mole is going to have to come off. No more moonbathing for you!"

~Julie TML

"Giles.... If you saw black oil seeping into his skin, I wouldn't go after it, really....."
"Xander, what are you trying to say?"
"Am I the *only* One here who's seen the X-Files movie???"


"I think we gave him too much to drink, honey, and he's scaring me."
"What makes you say that An?"
"Fluffy..rabbits.... dancing? ARRGGH."

~Daniel Vega

Anya: Okay, now tap the little wire thingy right... there.
Giles: Look, I really don't think this is necessary.
Xander: Hey, you're right! It hardly jiggles at all. Way to go Will.
Willow: You see? All you have to do is say the muscle toning spell and Spike looks even better without his shirt on!

~Casix Thistlebane

"Nurse, get me 30 EEs of morphane, stat!"
Xander: "Uh, Giles, wrong show."
"...And you stay in Wonderland, and I show you just how deep the rabbit hole goes..."
Willow: "Spike? Wrong movie."
Anya: "Does he really need the morphane?"


Spike: "All right, all right! I'll do it one last time, but that's it. And the next time we playact a scene from a TV show, it damned well better not be "Quincy!" Otherwise, how the hell can I increase my acting range if I'm always the one to play the bloody corpse?!"

~John TFS

"There! Now Willow just has to say the activation spell, and we'll have our very own Robo-Spike!"


Xander: Um Giles I think the implant is proabably in his head not his back!

~Joel TPW

Xander: Wait a second! This isn't 'Where's Waldo!!!'


Giles: Good God.
Anya: Eew. What IS that??
Xander: I think it moved!


Giles: I'm not finding anything.
Willow: It says right here "Fer Ye to find Me gold Spike Marks the spot!"
Xander: Willow that reads X marks the spot!

~Joel TPW

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