Title: Missing, Presumed Death
Author: Beth TYL
Part: 15/?


"Oh man I knew I should have told him I had ten dollars." Xander said aloud but mainly speaking to himself, Dru didn't seem to notice how it was kinda odd.

"Oooo My Spikey has come you must hid my luv."

"Where do I hide?"

"Here put this on."

Xander stood there looking at her in amazement. She was really a loon wasn't she. Xander than took Miss Edith's dress and put it on best he could.

"Good boy", Dru said as she patted his head "Now be good and sit still."

Just than Spike entered the room


"What do you mean Star Wars sucked?" Larry asked the guy next to him

"Well not the first three but the way that they are trying to do the first three in the series just sucks. They are hoping that by using the name that we will flock to the below standard story line over played affects ruin the myth of the name." Max explained to Larry

"Dude you are starting to sound like those fruits on Dawson's geek." Larry exclaimed.

"Oh look is that Bunny and her friends."

"No that's Buffy and her friends without Xander. I wonder where he is. Well lets go say hi to them."



"What do you mean Spike? He can't be. He was mine!!" Buffy yelled getting odd looks from everyone

"What is it about these Women and dead men?" Oz asked himself

"IF IT'S A COLD BODY YOU WANT I'M UNATTACHED AT THE MOMENT." Death said to Buffy while looking at Fate.


"You love me I love you we'rrrrrr....." Barney stopped singing when the cool blade slid into his stomach

"Yeah I love you." Faith said as she started cleaning her knife

"Oh Sandra what did you do this time?" The mayor asked Faith

"I killed the purple freak, but look I cleaned my knife. You can't even tell I had blood on it." She said as she showed the knife to her 'daddy'

"That's my good girl."

End Part 15

Next Part Coming......Whenever