November's Winners

First Place goes to Bitca for her caption of:

Not in the forehead you dumbass!

Second Place goes to Casix Thistlebane for her caption of:

"You've, um, got a little something stuck in your teeth..."

Third Place goes to gaffergirl for her caption of:

Buffy: Okay, Angel, now I KNOW you're pulling my leg. . .
Angel: No, really, I'm serious!
Buffy: Are you sure? I thought Tai Chi was done standing up. . .

Special Mention for Sheer Perversity (and there was a lot of that going on in this contest!) was awarded to the following captions (and the sick minds that thought them up! *g*)

Buffy: Okay, okay, this time you can lick the ice cream off of me!


"Y'know Angel, this camera is really kinky, but at least there aren't any chains..."


Hey stop laughing! You wanted to try doggy style, we're trying doggy style!

~Siobhan Mckiernan

And, back to (mostly) clean humor at last, the Runners Up are:

Angel: "Okay, Buffy, why does Wesley want to tape this again?"
Buffy: "He said something about America's Funniest Home Videos...."
Angel: "Somehow I'm thinking more along the lines of personal porn section..."


Buffy: Oh Angel you're so sexy
Angel thinking to himself: Ha ha ha little do you realize soon this spout will cover you in cement and then the vampires will rule the world!!!!

~Joel TPW

Angel: What? What's so funny?
Buffy: Nothing I can't help it. It's just...well I can't help but laugh. YOU watch "Dawson's Creek"? God I don't even watch that show!
Angel:Hey you watch "Felicity" so don't even go there. Hey I said quit laughing...don't make me bite you!

~Winter Angel

"So, this is what a ray gun looks like up close, huh?"
"Buffy, it's a camera."
"Oh, I knew that...heey! We're being filmed? Where was I?"

~Jane, the Frog on the Wall

Angel: What camera?


"I think Spike said he wanted to camera to give the tape to your mother as a Christmas gift..."