October's Winners

First Place

The Herbal Essences ads became more and more disturbing.


Second Place

Drac: Yoooou are getting sleeeeeepyyyy....
Buffy: and yoooou are getting creeeeepyyyyy....

~Julie TML

Third Place

Breath mint? Nail clippers? Originality?


Most Time-Appropriate Entry EVER

"You're not much of a vampire, you know. You're all poofy, and bad-accented. You're not even incredibly evil."
"I am so evil!"
"Are not."
"Am too!"
"Prove it. What's the most evil thing you ever did?"
"Florida, November 7th. Ballot boxes in a church, and two miscounts."
"Wow. You ARE evil."
(from your local Washingtonian stuck in Florida, thinking of fleeing to Canada)

~Casix Thistlebane

They Appealed To My Ego

Um... I'll have to thank Robyn for this...

~M. Jade

Robyn is so dead! She keeps putting me in these sexually awkward situations. Why can't she do this to Willow? ~Xreader

Sometimes I wonder what my life would be like if that rabbit girl didn't interfere.


B: "No! No matter what you do to me you can't make me tell you what the hell Robyn is doing with her time..."
D:"But I neeeeed to have UPDATES!"
B: Tough, you'll just have to sit in the dark with the rest of us"
D: "hmmm... dark is good.... " *suggestive eyebrow raising*

~Julie TML

It's November. She hasn't updated. Why? Why? Drac, sorry, no way you can cheer me up. I'm sulking. I need Angel.


Buffy: "No... No... Robyn can't be in college... When will she ever update? Noooo.... And don't try to comfort me, your charm isn't good enough to distract me from Snowshoe withdrawl."


Dracula: Is that the mark of the Bunny?
Buffy: uhhhh...no...
Dracula: How dare you let the bunny leave it's mark!
Dracula: Fine...


Honorable Mention

Why do birds suddenly appear...


Buffy: "I hope for your sake that that's MY mister pointy digging into my back..."
Drac : ?


"Sorry, Drac, you just can't live up to the terror of college midterms."

~Loo Thompson

Stop doing the mind melt thing and sending pictures into my head! I DON'T want to see what Angel's doing with that pink helmet on!!


Mmmm. Slightly down and to the left....


"Not tonight, honey. I have a headache."


Buffy: Do NOT tell me your gum is stuck in my hair AGAIN!


Are you sure dentists need to do this?

~Daniel Vega

"You know, a Tick Tack wouldn't kill you. Oh wait, you're already dead."

~Kathleen Jackson

*sniff* "Yech! You smell like Gary Oldman!"


"New shampoo?" "Yeah, I think I'm having an a-atchoo! allergic reaction..."


Uh honey, one vampire hicky was enough okay.

~Daniel Vega

First Angel, then Spike, then Riley, and now you. Gawd, why can't I attract someone that's normal?

~Daniel Vega

Uh, sorry. Angel already tried that...and he got IN to my pants. Wait, you won't try to kill any of my friends to drive me nuts, or go off and seduce some other Slayer if I did have sex with you, would you...?


"Drac, honey, it's a good thing they can't see what you're doing below the waist.


I really need to get over this vampire fetish thing. I'm supposed to stake them not let them sniff me!


Eeww, next time use a tissue! ~MR

Can you please quit wiping your nose in my hair???


You do know you've got a split end, right?


Ugh. You're not going to make me eat bugs, are you?


Riley's not going to be pleased with this.


"Did you find it?
"Right here, but the zipper's stuck."
"Damn this Halloween costume!"


Haven't you managed to get that wax out of my ear yet?


Have you ever thought about becoming a lawyer?


"Hold on my fang is stuck in your hair...MAKEUP!!!!!"


Nice perfume.


Teen Spirit?


Ever realise that you just can't think of a caption? Well? Drac, *stop* trying to bite me. It's distracting. As I was saying...


I can't commit to you, Dracula. I'm *in* a relationship. No, nuzzling me is *not* going to help. I've made up my mind. I love Giles. I mean Angel. I mean Riley! Look...you didn't hear this. I'm going to have to stake you now, amn't I?


1+1=??? I hate math! Drac, do you have any idea, sweetheart? Thinking makes my brain hurt.