October's Picture

First Place goes to Siobhan for her quote of:

"Are you sure?"
"Oh yeah. So not real."

Second Place is a tie between Addrianna's quote of:

"Unsolved death, missing person, unsolved death, unsolved death, unsolved death.... God, nothing new EVER happens in this town!"

and gaffergirl TTWF's quote of:

"Faith, only you would be able to tell which personal ads are sent in by vampires. . ."

Third Place is also a tie between Jane, the Frog on the Wall's quote of:

"Great. So now all we need is a three-letter word for 'antidisestablishmentarianism' and we're done the crossword."

and Casix Thistlebane's quote of:

Faith: "Shouldn't we be getting Giles to translate this?"
Buffy: "It's in English, Faith."
Faith: "Oh. I knew that...."

Captions that recieved Special Mention (because they appealed to my ego) were:

Gabe's caption of:

Faith: Christ, B. This can't be happenin'.... Couldn't Will have screwed the printouts?
Buffy: No... No, this is really happening. First the Mayor's Ascending, now Robyn! What next? Zak becoming God of the Ramblers??

Kotis_Dragon's caption of:

Faith: No.... how could she do this?
Buffy: I _thought_ I told you to scare her off.
Faith: I did, I guess Robyn just... didn't scare.
Buffy: It's bad enough she made me look stupid along with Angel and Spike,but the fact that it got printed and put into the yearbook is unforgivable.
Faith: *laughing* What's alta vista?

And an Extra Special Birthday Mention to Joel TPW's caption of: < Buffy and Faith reviewing Joel's Birthday list. NOTE: Joel's birthday is on October 15 >
Let's see, what do you buy a peppermint whale for his birthday?

And the Runners Up are: Buffy: "See, Faith, it says it right here. ONLY legal in Iowa."

~Catherine McKiernan

Faith: I don't know, B, I've been staring at it for an hour and a half. Are you sure?
Buffy: Look! Read the damn thing, it says "See Dick and Jane run." See them run. Okay!? I've been watching the damn thing for FIVE hours, and the little punks haven't taken a step.


Buffy: I hate these 3-d eye puzzles!
Faith: Wait I think it's a cow!
Buffy: Are you sure? It looks like an ice-cream truck to me.

~Joel TPW

Faith: "So these are Xander's dirty wood carvings, huh? They don't look to exciting to me...."

~Casix Thistlebane

Wow. We could make a lotta spitballs outa this.