September Winners:
September's Picture

First Place: Winter Angel

Buffy: I told you. Never feed them after midnight, and do not get them wet. But would you listen? Noooo! Didn't you ever see the movie Gremlins?
Angel: Yeah, but how was I to know that Furbies did the same thing?
Spike: Bloody idiot! Everybody knows that!!

Tied for Second Place:

Angel: I told you two that Dru would be upset when she found out about our menage'a'trois.

Be very, very, quiet. We're huntin Whedons!
~Joel TPW

Third Place (another tie!):

Angel: You're right, Buffy, he _is_ a demon.
Buffy: See? Told ya.
Spike: Bloody 'ell, will you just stake this Ricky Martin wanker already?


Buffy: "Dammit, you guys! I *told* you not to wear leather! Now the cows are after us again! And I am *not* milking them all this time."
Angel: "But leather looks good with my complexion..."
Spike: "Look, mate, we all know you're color blind. Now you deal with those SPOCC blokes, I'll get the buckets."

~Jane, the Frog on the Wall

Special Mention, because they appealed to my ego:

Buffy: Told ya so.
Angel: I never said I doubted you.
Spike: Who really gives a bloody rat's ass if Robyn's website is still up?
Buffy: Someone should warn Yahoo.
Angel: It's Spike's turn. I warned Alta Vista.


Buffy: It's October 3rd and Robyn hasn't updated her webpage
Angel: Yea! And she hasn't been working on creative criticism either!
Spike: Let's get her!


Runners Up:

Buffy, Angel, and Spike: You want us to do *WHAT*?
Joss (off screen): Eep!

~Casix Thistlebane

Buffy: You just had to pull that 'It's been thirty minutes and ten seconds' line didn't you?
Spike: It was thirty minutes and fifteen seconds.
Angel: Just thank God it wasn't Girl Scouts.


Buffy and Spike Fan Fiction?!?!?!

~Katie Balsinger

Buffy: I DO NOT believe this!!
Angel: What the hell are they doing here!?
Spike: The bloody wankers!
Buffy: Why do we have the *Charmed* cast here!? Ugh, gag me!


Buffy: I Got My Stake!
Spike: I'm hungry!
Angel: Me too!
Buffy: Is that all you guys think about?